Privacy policy

Contact details

If the website user contacts Blue Cactus S.A. by phone, e-mail or contact form and provides his personal data, e.g. name, surname, e-mail address, etc., has the guarantee that Blue Cactus S.A.
will only use this information to answer your inquiry and for ongoing communication.

Third party software

For the analysis of the behavior of Internet users visiting the website, Blue Cactus S.A.
also uses third party software (in particular Google Analytics and Google Ads). Scripts provided
by software suppliers may use cookies to identify website visitors and send to their servers
information about the visitor's IP number, his web browser, his operating system,
and the subpages and files viewed. Data collected in this way are used only for statistical

Cookies (cookies)

Some parts of the website may use cookies. Cookies saved on the
computer of use are not used to obtain any data about visitors to the website.
Cookies are used to create statistics that help to understand how Website Users use
websites, which allows improving their structure and content. The user may at any
time disable the option of accepting cookies in his web browser. However, it should
be borne in mind that this may hinder the use of the website.

Disabling cookies in the browser
If you do not agree to our use of cookies, disable them in your browser settings or
exit the website. Disabling cookies may affect the convenience of using the pages
and, in some rare cases, prevent the use of a part of the website.

Detailed information on the settings and disabling cookies in individual browsers are
provided by the creators of the browsers on their websites. Below are links to the
most used browsers:

Opera browser:

Firefox browser:łączanie%20i%20wyłączanie%20obsługi%20ciasteczek

Internet Explorer Browser:

Safari browser:

Obligation to provide information about the user

The only situation where Blue Cactus S.A. may disclose the collected information in a manner independent of it, there is an express order resulting from applicable law. Blue Cactus S.A.
guarantees that the user's data will not be visible to other website users. Blue Cactus S.A.
At the same time, it ensures that it will make every effort to ensure that such data
processing takes place with the greatest respect for the privacy of persons whose
data is processed and with the utmost care for the security of the processed data.

‍Changing the privacy policy

Blue Cactus S.A. reserves the right to update and change this privacy policy by publishing
a new version on the website In case of any doubts or additional questions
regarding the protection of privacy, please contact us by sending an email to the following

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