The legendary
Blue Cactus   returns

Blue Cactus opened in 1996 giving Varsovians their first big, fun and social dining venue. We proudly served over 1.2 million guests delivering memorable celebrations for families, friends,
and business guests. We re-opened in two new fantastic locations in Warsaw’s city center: Elektrownia Powisle and Fabryka Norblin!

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Blue Cactus was the first restaurant in Poland to offer traditional
Tex-Mex cuisine and delicious margaritas and cocktails in a colorful
and fun atmosphere.

Now for over 25 years, we still feature wholesome food with bold
and spicy flavors, cold cocktails and a warm, fun atmosphere.


Tasty tacos? Raging ribs? Flaming fajitas? Or maybe big, bold burritos? Whatever Tex-Mex favorite that you are looking for, you will find it at Blue Cactus.

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